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Mariana Raschke

Associate at the Goodman Corporation


[email protected]

Primary Agency Information

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Gulf Coast Center

Rick Elizondo

Chief Operating Officer


[email protected]

10000 Emmett F. Lowry Expwy, Suite 1220

Texas City



Additional Agency Information

The City of Angleton

Scott Albert

City Manager


[email protected]

121 S. Velasco St




Project Information

Angleton Alternative Mode Connectivity Project

Brazoria County


South side of Hospital Drive from Mulberry Street to 634' East; West side of Deborah Drive from Hospital Drive to 571' South; Both sides of West Miller Street from North Parrish Street to North Valderas Street; Both sides of Parrish Street from Mulberry Street to West Miller Street; North side of Pecan Street from Dowling Street to East Mulberry Street; North side of Cedar Street from Dowling Street to Willow Street; East side of Downing St from Pecan Street to Cedar Street.

The Gulf Coast Center (GCC) operates a Southern Brazoria County Transit (SBCT) fixed route public transportation service in Southern Brazoria County. Two of the SBCT routes serve the City of Angleton (the City): The Purple route, a local circulator and the Gold route, an intercity service connecting Angleton to Lake Jackson with connecting services to the Cities of Clute and Freeport. The City has contributed $35,951 annually to GCC from 2010 to 2015. In 2016, this was increased to $37,749. This application is being submitted on behalf of the City by GCC as part of an interlocal agreement where the City will pay the local share of the requested funds. Input including real world observations from local Angleton officials as well as SBCT drivers and GCC transportation field managers determined a number of areas of concern within the SSBCT fixed route service area within the City. The pedestrian environment supporting these corridors were found to be deficient in several areas. Out dated and dilapidated ramps need to be replaced with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliant ramps, cracked concrete and uneven sidewalks need replacement, overgrown vegetation needs to be cut back and private driveway obstructions addressed. Field assessments concluded that over 95% of the project corridors were completely lacking any pedestrian infrastructure and access to transit stops was limited or impossible for persons with disabilities. Relative to other corridors supporting transit in the City, the projects presented in this application represent a higher need based on existing infrastructure, connectivity, safety, demographics and with consideration to local observations.

Corridors are to receive approximately 14,197 linear feet of new 6 foot-wide sidewalks, ADA ramps at intersections and street crossings, and 4 foot-wide sodded landscape buffer, new curbs and drainage improvements where required or existing ROW allows.

Current access serving bus routes along the majority of the selected corridors is poor due to the existing back of curb conditions. Implementing sidewalk improvements and related amenities will facilitate connectivity between residential properties along the corridors, nearby businesses and other services as well as providing safety health and economic benefits, improved sidewalk facilities will improve walkability and overall access to transit to individuals with disabilities. Improved sidewalk facilities will promote connectivity within the regional network. Research has shown that the improvement of walkability increases the property values of residential and commercial properties. 75% of the land use surrounding the project corridors is listed as commercial property. The annual tax generation, throughout the planning horizon, is a benefit to the community. Based on primary and secondary indicators provided by the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) the project area is classified as an Environmental Justice area. Transportation projects have been shown to have beneficial impacts to EJ populations; such as providing increased access to recreational and educational opportunities as well as labor markets. The project area supported by these improvements have higher than regional averages of female-headed households, households without automobiles, and senior populations. Streetscape, sidewalk improvements and related amenities will facilitate pedestrian connectivity between residential and commercial properties along the two major commercial corridors, SH274 and E Mulberry St. This project would improve access to Women's Center of Brazoria County West, St John Missionary Baptist Church, Angleton Public Library, Angleton Danbury Medical Center, grocery stores, parks and schools. Current access to the 9 bus stops, serving Angleton Purple route along the corridor is poor due to the existing back of curb conditions. Improvements will increase walkability in the area and overall access to public transportation and the regional network.



Less than $100 million

Active Transportation


Angleton Resolution and Letter of Funding Commitment.pdf

Project Development/Readiness


Categorical Exclusion (CE)


C(2) - Acquisition, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and improvement or limited expansion of stand-alone recreation, pedestrian, or bicycle facilities, such as: a multiuse pathway, lane, trail, or pedestrian bridge; and transit plaza amenities.








GCC Angleton Alternative-Mode-Connectivity - Angleton_GCC_Executed_ILA_03282018-sm.pdf

GCC Angleton Alternative-Mode-Connectivity - Project Timeline.xlsx

The Gulf Coast Center Connect (GCC) transit system operates within southern Brazoria County on several fixed routes which service the cities of Angleton, Clute, Lake Jackson, and Freeport. During the last ten (10) years since the initiation of fixed transit services, the four (4) cities have coordinated their efforts through Interlocal Agreements which support provision of transit services and local share commitments, and capital improvements for improved transit services in terms of equipment purchase, and transit – pedestrian connectivity within the cities to the Connect system. In addition, the four (4) cities meet quarterly to discuss service and capital improvement related progress and problems. A representative of H-GAC participates in these coordinating meetings. The City and GCC Connect have several Interlocal Agreements to improve transit services to the community including a bus shelter improvement program (currently being implemented), a transit service improvement plan, to create two-way transit service for added capacity, and the pursuit of H-GAC TIP funding for this application which will provide better access to transit stops. In addition, these projects will enhance the overall pedestrian environment on some key corridors within the City. This project, with a developed scope and environmental documentation, can begin implementation as soon as the Call for Projects is completed and this application is awarded. GCC will submit the formal CE to FTA upon project selection. When funds are amended into the TIP and the STIP, GCC will begin working with H-GAC staff on the transfer of the funding to FTA. During this time, GCC can begin the engineer procurement process. Once the funds are transferred, GCC can execute the contract with an engineer to begin design. Design is anticipated to take 4-6 months for a project of this size. Note that the funds will be considered obligated and the project completed when the transfer is completed. This will assist in H-GAC obligating funding early in the funding cycle. Project can be let upon completion of design. It is anticipated that construction would take approximately 4-6 months.

GCC Angleton Alternative-Mode-Connectivity TIP Readiness Materials.zip


GCC Angleton Alternative-Mode-Connectivity .zip

Project Budget

GCC Angleton Alternative-Mode-Connectivity - Project Budget.xlsx


Benefit/Cost Analysis




GCC Sidewalks Supporting files.zip

Planning Factors - Barrier Elimination (Active Transportation)



Planning Factors - Emissions Reductions

0.03 tons/year

0.01 tons/year

Planning Factors - Environmental Justice



Planning Factors - Expands or Improves Bicycle & Pedestrian Connectivity to Employment/Schools/Medical Facilities/Transit Stops/Other Points of Interest


901 - 1000





Planning Factors - Planning Coordination


In an effort to enhance pedestrian access to Southern Brazoria County public transportation, the Gulf Coast Center (GCC) entered into an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Angleton. As a direct recipient of federally allocated FTA funds GCC agreed to submit this application on behalf of the City of Angleton, provided that the city dedicate local funds to provide the 20% match. The ILA was executed March 28th, 2018 and is attached as part of this application. Further, the City of Angleton has provided a letter signed by the City Manager committing the necessary local match to provide the 20% of the total ask. The funding commitment letter is attached to this application.

The ILA and funding committment letter can be found in the Readiness Documents