Creating an Account

The first step in the remittance process is to create an account using the 9-1-1 Service Fee Remittance Registration Form. You’ll need to provide your organization's information, your contact information, payment information (payment schedule and method), service information, and a password.

Making a Payment

When ready to make a 9-1-1 Wireline Service Fee remittance, you will access the 9-1-1 Service Fee Remittance Form.

This form will collect information regarding the payment and access line/trunk counts. The 9-1-1 Wireline Service Fee will be calculated based on the access line/trunk count entered, and a breakdown of the fees will be displayed for you to review before submission. A confirmation email containing the remittance details and additional insturcions (if required) will be delivered after submission.

ACH Payments

If paying with an ACH payment, the GCRECD's account information will be displayed.

Check Payments

If paying with a check, information to be included on the check will be displayed, along with mailing instructions.

Credit Card Payments

If paying with a credit card, this form will collect the credit card information and charge the 9-1-1 Service Fee to your card.

Updating Your Account

If you need to update any information entered during the registration process, use the Update Information Form to view your current account information and update it as needed.

Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, use the Password Reset Form to reset it.

Viewing Your Transaction History

You can use the Transaction History page to view a list of submitted 9-1-1 Wireline Service Fee payments. Clicking on the Payment ID number will display the full details of the payment.