The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) grants funds to rural Texas cities and counties for basic infrastructure projects such as water/wastewater facilities, street improvements and drainage. Each of Texas' 24 regional councils, known as Council of Governments, has its own Regional Review Committee (RRC). Each RRC is comprised of 12 local elected officials, appointed at the pleasure of the Governor. The role of each Regional Review Committee is to participate in the process for determining regional scoring priorities for projects funded through the Texas CDBG's Community Development Fund, and is responsible for developing the objective scoring criteria.

The H-GAC Regional Review Committee held a public meeting on June 18, 2018 at H-GAC to determine scoring criteria for the 2019-2020 H-GAC Regional Review Committee Guidebook. 

Agenda for 2018 RRC Meeting

State 2019-2020 Charter 

Texas Community Development Block Grant Program

Eligible Areas

Non-entitlement cities/counties

Eligible Applicants

Non-entitlement cities/counties

Grant Maximum

$350,000 (Grant limits set biennially by the RRC)

Applicant Match

Cash Match of 5% - 20%

Eligible Projects

Public infrastructure improvements, economic development activities and activities to address situations that pose an imminent threat to public health and safety.