Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

The Criminal Justice Advisory Committee advises the Houston-Galveston Area Council Board on law enforcement and criminal justice issues, recommending funding priorities for criminal justice grants and other regional criminal justice issues.

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee Responsiblities:

  • Major participation in development of the annual criminal justice plan.
  • Recommendation of funding priorities for the annual criminal justice program.
  • Initiation and development of regional criminal justice programs for which the H-GAC is grantee.
  • Evaluation of the criminal justice funding proposals to determine their consistency with applicable regional plans, and furnishing these evaluations to the Project Review Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • Establishment of a forum for discussion and resolution of common problems in law enforcement and the administration of justice.
  • Provisions of such other advice and assistance as the Board of Directors may request.

Contact Information

Would you like to contact us about this topic? Please contact:

Madeline McGallion
[email protected]

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held at least four times per year on the second floor of H-GAC's office located at:

3555 Timmons Ln
Houston, TX 77027