Recycling Construction and Demolition Materials

Up to 38% of the waste stream in the H-GAC region fall under the category construction and demolition (C&D) waste. It is estimated that up to 90% of C&D waste can be diverted from the landfill through reuse or recycling.

Construction Waste Handbook

In an effort to assist residents in the 13 county region with their Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste issues, H-GAC launched the idea for a Construction Waste Handbook. Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) was contracted with the research and production of this handbook. It is available in English and partially in Spanish.

Construction Waste Handbook (English)
Manual Del Desperdicio Durante la Construccion (Español)

Residential C&D Waste Study

HARC performed a waste stream audit in cooperation with a local builder who examined the waste produced during the construction of two very similar custom homes. During construction of House 1, HARC measured the amount of C&D waste produced. The construction of House 1 produced 85,242 pounds of waste, which was disposed of in the landfill. During the construction of House 2, HARC and the builder employed waste reduction and reuse methods. House 2 produced 87,556 pounds of waste, but 72,060 pounds were diverted from the landfill through onsite grinding and beneficial reuse of materials. This represents an 82.3% reduction of waste.

Residential C & D Waste Study (English only) 

Online Resources C&D

Full reports and additional resources can be found at

  • Overview of C&D Issues and Best Practices
  • Recycling, Reuse, and Deconstruction Options
  • Helpful Planning, Recycling, and Reuse Hints for the Construction Site
  • Listing of Recyclers, Salvagers, and Contractors for C&D Materials in the H-GAC area

Worksheet Economics Tool

This worksheet economics tool or calculator helps determine economic considerations of recycling C&D waste for individual projects. HARC enhanced the tool that was first used by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for the EPA and made it functional for the H-GAC area. The tool provides a method of estimating C&D volume and weight. It also allows the user to estimate costs and benefits of C&D waste recycling.

Worksheet Economics Tool (English)
Calculadora de Costo (Español)

Case Studies

Case studies have been divided into four categories: General C&D, International, National, and Regional. This collection of case studies represents the seminal work in the C&D field that exists in the public domain. The segregation of the cases provides an easy index to the tremendous number of works in the field of study.

Case Studies Start Page (English only)

Full Reports and Additional Resources

This PDF collection of guidebooks is intended to assist anyone interested in creating a program, any builder trying to develop a program, or policy staff wanting to know about practical implications of developing a policy for C&D

Education Program
These educational materials include a collection of procedures and local resources for the construction trades involved in the residential C&D process

C&D Links
This is a collection of public, private and nonprofit websites that contain important information on C&D. Sites are listed by State unless a source was deemed to be national in its scope.