Workforce System-Employer Services Marketing/Consulting


The Houston-Galveston Area Council, the fiscal agent for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board, is issuing this Solicitation on behalf of the Board and Workforce Solutions and is seeking a qualified contractor to perform professional services for the Workforce Solutions system. Any subsequent contract awarded under this solicitation will be executed with the Houston-Galveston Area Council as the contracting entity.

In close cooperation with Board staff, Employer Service staff helps area employers with a variety of human resource needs – including sourcing talent for open jobs, providing professional advice and resources for talent development strategies, and offering reliable, current data on labor market conditions such as local wage rates and employment numbers by industry and occupation. 

Respondents that propose to operate Employer Service may not propose to operate any other portion of the Workforce System.

Solicitation Document

Workforce System-Employer Services Marketing/Consulting

Letters of Clarification

Letter of Clarification No.1 - Attachments
Letter of Clarification No.2 - All
Letter of Clarification No.3 - ESMC, ESTD, STFPRODEV

Important Deadlines and Submission Requirements

Please refer to the Solicitation Document.

Documents and Forms

Assurances 2022
Attachment 1 Past Performance Questionnaire Final_ESMC
Attachment 2 Qualifications Experience Questionnaire_ESMC
Attachment 3 Scenario Methodology Questionnaire_ESMC
Attachment 4 Organizational Structure and Info Questionnaire Final_ESMC
Attachment 5 Additional Information_ESMC
Attachment 6 Staffing Table_ESMC
Attachment 7 ESMC Budget
Pre-Proposal Attendance
Pre-Proposal Presentation