Workforce System-Staff Professional Development


The Houston-Galveston Area Council, the fiscal agent for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board, is issuing this Solicitation on behalf of the Board and Workforce Solutions and is seeking a qualified contractor to perform professional services for the Workforce Solutions system. Any subsequent contract awarded under this solicitation will be executed with the Houston-Galveston Area Council as the contracting entity.

The Workforce Solutions system is made up of contractors, partners, and vendors operating under a franchise model that governs how staff deliver service under the Workforce Solutions brand. The staff professional development contractor is an integral part of this system that ties the pieces together; helps contractors align with our purpose, mission, vision and values; helps ensure staff understand how they are connected; and drives system efficiencies by educating and mentoring staff in practices essential to providing exceptional service.

Solicitation Document

Workforce System-Staff Professional Development

Letters of Clarification

Letter of Clarification No.1 - Attachments
Letter of Clarification No.2 - All
Letter of Clarification No.3 - ESMC, ESTD, STFPRODEV
Letter of Clarification No.4 - STFPRODEV
Letter of Clarification No.4 - STFPRODEV Training Monthly Report

Important Deadlines and Submission Requirements

Please refer to the Solicitation Document.

Documents and Forms

Assurances 2022
Attachment 1 Past Performance Questionnaire Final_STFPRODEV
Attachment 2 Qualifications Experience Questionnaire_STFPRODEV
Attachment 3 Scenario Methodology_STFPRODEV
Attachment 4 Organizational Structure and Info Questionnaire Final_STFPRODEV
Attachment 5 Additional Information_STFPRODEV
Attachment 6 Staffing Table_STFPRODEV
Attachment 7 Staff Prof. Dev. Budget
Pre-Proposal Attendance
Pre-Proposal Presentation