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Attainment Demonstration State Implementation Plan

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Attainment Demonstration State Implementation Plan


The state implementation plan (SIP) is a federal requirement for areas that are in non attainment of the federal air quality standards.  This plan must  include air pollution control measures that collectively demonstrate how the eight county Houston metropolitan area can attain the federal eight-hour standard for ozone (urban smog) pollution.  The state agency charged with developing the plan, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), works with H-GAC and other regional stakeholders to compile comprehensive lists of potential control measures for evaluation and  ultimately for inclusion in the plan.

H-GAC provides several forms of assistance to TCEQ in the preparation the SIP:

  • H-GAC is developing local control strategies for on-road and non-road mobile sources for inclusion in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria regional SIP through interaction with regional stakeholders.
  • H-GAC has organized and is hosting the TCM/VMEP Development Working Group to work with local governments as well as other stakeholders to develop and recommend Transportation Control Measures (TCM) and Voluntary Mobile Source Emission Reduction Programs (VMEP) for inclusion in the SIP.
  • H-GAC is acting as a repository of information and hosting public meetings relating to the mobile, point and area portions of the SIP.

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