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Area Emission Reduction Credit Organization

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Area Emission Reduction Credit Organization


The Houston-Galveston Area Emission Reduction Credit Organization (AERCO) was created in 1994 to promote the improvement of air quality while helping to mitigate the adverse impacts of control strategies on economic development in the HGB region. Houston-Galveston AERCO accomplishes this by providing a legal framework to promote air quality improvement and economic growth in the eight county HGB ozone non-attainment area.

Within the HGB region, AERCO performs several fuctions: administering the Clean School Bus Houston program, accepting Supplemental Environmental Project funds (SEPs) for various projects, accepting private donations to the Clean School Bus Houston Program, and acquiring and distributing emission reduction credits (ERCs). These projects and programs will be used to help meet State Implementation Plan (SIP) requirements and for economic development purposes.

The Houston-Galveston AERCO is managed by a governing Board of Directors which includes members from each of the counties in our non-attainment area, and from each of five groups (general public, large industry, small regulated business, environmental, and economic development).This geographic distribution combined with the interests represented allow the Board to effectively achieve the balance between improved air quality and economic growth. The Houston-Galveston AERCO Board of Directors meets quarterly to make decisions on how to implement the funds and credits that are received in support of AERCO programs.

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