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November 2016
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Home Rule and General Law Cities Caucuses
Board of Directors
Tired of Illegal Dumping? Strategies to Stop Illegal Disposal Workshop
Parks and Natural Areas Award Recipients to be Honored
2017 Election Law Workshop
Regional DWI Task Force - Thanksgiving
H-GAC Launches Regional Building Inventory Interactive App
H-GAC Releases Instant Impact Guide
Careers at H-GAC
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Meetings and Events
H-GAC Board of Directors Meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Agendas for all committees can be found on our websitePlease visit our calendar for upcoming meetings and events.

Unless otherwise listed, meetings are held on the second floor at H-GAC's office,3555 Timmons Lane, Houston, TX 77027

Home Rule and General Law Cities Caucuses
Leaders from the region's General Law and Home Rule Cities met recently to elect two representatives and two alternates to represent them on the 2017 H-GAC Board of Directors.

Representing General Law Cities in 2017 will be City of Meadows Place Alderman Terry Henley who was reelected to serve as a Board member, marking his twenty-fourth term representing General Law Cities. Alderman Henley is a past Chair of H-GAC's Board of Directors. City of Waller Council Member Nancy Arnold was also re-elected to a fourth term to serve as a Board member representing General Law Cities. Their Alternates are City of Bunker Hill Village Councilwoman Susan Schwartz and City of Bellville Alderman James Harrison.
From the left: Alderman James Harrison, City of Bellville; Councilwoman Susan Schwartz, City of Bunker Hill Village; Councilmember Nancy Arnold, City of Waller; Alderman Terry Henley, City of Meadows Place.

Representing Home Rule Cities in 2017 will be City of Manvel Mayor Delores Martin who was re-elected to serve as a Board member. Mayor Martin has previously served as Chair of the H-GAC Board of Directors. City of Bellaire Councilman Pat McLaughlan was also elected. Councilman McLaughlan also serves on the H-GAC Transportation Policy Council. Alternates elected were City of Dickinson Councilman William King, III and City of Alvin Council Member Adam Arendell.

From the left: Councilman William King III, City of Dickinson; Mayor Delores Martin, City of Manvel, Executive Director Jack Steele, H-GAC; Council Member Pat McLaughlan, City of Bellaire.

November Board of Directors Meeting
This month the H-GAC Board of Directors approved entering into an inter-agency agreement with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County to receive $500,000 for an on-board transit survey. This survey provides information about the characteristics and travel patterns of transit users in the H-GAC region by collecting statistically valid information from transit riders using light rail, fixed-route bus, and commuter bus services.

The Board passed a resolution honoring the service to H-GAC and the region of retiring Board Member, League City Mayor Pro Tem Geri Bentley.

The Board authorized a one-year contract with the Toyota Center to support the Commute Solutions Program. 

The Board meeting also included a formal presentation of the proposed 2017 Budget and Service Plan. Possible action could occur in the December Board Meeting. 
Tired of Illegal Dumping? Strategies to Stop Illegal Disposal Workshop
Do you have problems in your community with the illegal disposal of tires? Would you prefer to focus your efforts preventing illegal dumping of tires from occurring in the first place rather than cleaning them up? Then join us Thursday, December 1, 2016 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. in H-GAC Conference Room B/C, Second Floor to learn about strategies being used by others on how to do just that.

Speakers to include:
  • Sarah Mason - City of Houston
  • Tracey King - City of Laredo
  • Kevin Marinolich - Liberty Tire
There is no cost for this event. Please RSVP for the Workshop by November 29, 2016 by contacting Erin Livingston at 832-681-2525.
Parks and Natural Areas Award Recipients to be Honored
Turtle Bayou Nature Preserve The 2016 Parks and Natural Areas (PNA) Awards reception will be held Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 10:45 a.m. in H-GAC Conference Room A, Second Floor, following the H-GAC Board meeting. Award recipients will receive notification later this month.

Since 2006, the Park and Natural Areas Subcommittee of H-GAC's Natural Resources Advisory Committee presents the PNA Awards to highlight best practices and innovative approaches to parks planning and implementation in the Houston-Galveston Region.

For more information, contact Andrea Tantillo at 832-681-2507.
2017 Election Law Workshop
Save the Date for the 2017 Election Law Workshop to be held on Thursday, February 2, 2017 in Houston, TX. The workshop is designed for everyone charged with conducting elections. Participants will receive detailed updates on election laws and step-by-step procedures for conducting an election; including duties prior to election day, on election day, and after election day.

$125 registration fee per person. Click HERE to register. Deadline for registration is Monday, January 23 at 5:00 p.m.
Regional DWI Task Force - Thanksgiving
The Houston-Galveston Area Council is beginning the third year of its Regional DWI Task Force, which consists of 12 law enforcement agencies throughout the Houston-Galveston area. The DWI Task Force will be operating throughout the Thanksgiving holiday to reduce the number of instances of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). 

The Task Force is funded through a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grant awarded by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), providing overtime funds for agencies to enhanced DWI enforcement during holiday weekends when there has traditionally been more alcohol-related traffic incidents. Since its inception, the Task Force made 986 DWI arrests.

H-GAC Launches Regional Building Inventory Interactive App
H-GAC's new interactive web application, the Regional Building Inventory Snapshot (2015), explores the 2015 regional building inventory and analyzes the development patterns based on a building's year of construction, building type, housing units, and non-residential square feet.

The app is powered by H-GAC's Building Inventory Database, based on appraisal data collected and processed from individual County Appraisal Districts in Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller counties.

The Regional Building Inventory Snapshot app is available HERE using the filter keywords "Land Use" and "Planning."
H-GAC Releases Instant Impact Guide
H-GAC announces the release of the Instant Impact Guide. This 20-page guide offers information on quick, temporary, low-cost projects that can help create active, walkable, and bikeable places.

Instant impact projects can help build momentum by increasing public awareness and support. They are also a good way to test new ideas before designs and policies are finalized.

The guide includes tips for how to plan an instant impact project, a toolbox of elements to help create a safer and more comfortable environment for pedestrians and bicyclists, and case studies demonstrating successful instant impact projects across the region and beyond.

The Instant Impact Guide is available for download HERE under the "Implementation and Planning Studies" tab. For more information or to request a printed copy, contact Cheryl Mergo at 713-993-4520.

Careers at H-GAC
H-GAC offers opportunities in clerical, technical, and professional positions, when available. Qualified, motivated individuals are encouraged to view our current opportunities and apply.

H-GAC is currently seeking:
To learn more and stay up to date on all career opportunities at H-GAC click HERE and follow us on Linkedin
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