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July 2016
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2016 Fall TML Region 14 Meeting
2016 Regional Salary and Benefits Survey available
Basin Summary Report Released
Eco-Logical Tool Webinar
Disaster Debris Clearance and Removal
App Gives Geographic Summary of Population Growth
Improve Greenway Plaza Walkability...
End-Of-Trip Facilities Guide Offers Tips for Companies to Make Biking Easier
Designing for Impact: Regional Guide to LID
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Meetings and Events
H-GAC Board of Directors Meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Agendas for all committees can be found on our websitePlease visit our calendar for upcoming meetings and events.

Unless otherwise listed, meetings are held on the second floor at H-GAC's office,3555 Timmons Lane, Houston, TX 77027

2016 Fall TML Region 14 Meeting
The 2016 Fall Texas Municipal League Region 14 Meeting will be held Friday and Saturday August 26 & 27 at La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa in Montgomery, Texas on Lake Conroe.

TML Region 14 Fall Meeting registration deadline is Friday, August 19, 2016.  Click HERE to register for this event.

For questions about the event or sponsorship, contact Cynthia at (713)993-4591 or email Cynthia.Jones@h-gac.com.
2016 Regional Salary and Benefits Survey available
The Regional Salary and Benefits Survey is now available. The survey results include a summary of all positions, the lowest and highest salaries reported, number of cities and incumbents for each position surveyed for all participating cities.

Participants that responded to the survey will receive a free electronic and printed copy. Non-participants may buy an electronic copy for $25, a bound copy for $45 or both for $65.

For more information and to order your copy, visit our website or contact Rick Guerrero at 713-993-4598.
Basin Summary Report Released
Canoe on water in front of trees
More than 80% of stream miles within the Houston-Galveston region currently fail to meet one or more state water quality standards or screening criteria. The region's projected population growth will continue to strain the health of local waterways.

H-GAC has released the 2016 Basin Summary Report in an interactive, online format.

The comprehensive report, completed every five years, provides an in-depth assessment of water quality issues in 15 counties included in H-GAC's Clean Rivers Program. The report provides detailed data analysis, trends, and recommendations for improving and protecting water quality. The report offers an overview of H-GAC's Clean Rivers Program activities.

To request a copy of the printed executive summary, contact Paniz Miesen at 832-681-2523.
Eco-Logical Tool Webinar
H-GAC will host a webinar to demonstrate the use and functions of its Eco-Logical tool at 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 20.

This online mapping application is designed to bring the conservation of the region's most valuable ecological resources to the forefront of the transportation infrastructure development process. The tool furthers a nationwide initiative by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to promote an ecosystem approach to transportation planning.

Register HERE today. You will receive registration confirmation and access instructions.

For more information on the upcoming webinar contact Meredith Dang or Ayo Jibowu.
Disaster Debris Clearance and Removal
photo of storm debris H-GAC's series of debris management workshops concludes Thursday, August 11, with Mitigating Your Hazards. The workshop will be from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at H-GAC Conference Room B, Second Floor.

Mitigation and resiliency are hot national topics, and municipalities are identifying strategies to reduce losses from natural hazards most likely to impact them.

This workshop will look at identifying long-term strategies for risk reduction, identifying cost-effective mitigation actions, and exploring the range of resources available to support mitigation activities. This workshop will include a guest speaker from the Texas Water Development Board. The workshop will also identify lessons learned and give participants an opportunity to talk about and work through challenges they may be experiencing in response to recent floods.

Refreshments for this workshop are sponsored by AshBritt EnvironmentalThere is no cost to attend this event, but space is limited and registration is required. Register to attend this event in person by contacting Erin Livingston at 832-681-2525. To attend via webinar,  register online.
App Gives Geographic Summary of Population Growth
Geographical Population Change Interested in seeing where the population growth is happening in the region? Check out H-GAC's new Regional Population Growth Trends interactive application. This application summarizes household population changes between 1980 and 2040 by geographic areas.

Historic household population and growth shares from 1980 to 2010 are based on U.S. Census Bureau data. Current and future population growth estimates are based on the H-GAC 2016 Regional Growth Forecast.
For more information, e-mail CEGIS@h-gac.com.
Improve Greenway Plaza Walkability
Greenway to Greater Mobility logo H-GAC, Cousins Properties, and the City of Houston are looking to identify projects, policies, and programs that could make walking and biking easier around Greenway Plaza, one of Houston's largest employment centers.

The project team has been talking to people who live, work, and play in Greenway Plaza and has developed preliminary recommendations based on that feedback.

A recorded webinar describes potential improvements to the local pedestrian and bicycle network. Conceptual plans for Timmons Lane and Buffalo Speedway are available on the project website.

To provide your comments or feedback on the recommendations and improvements, contact Meredith Dang.
End-Of-Trip Facilities Guide Offers Tips for Companies to Make Biking Easier
Cover of End of Trip Facilities Guide Although more places are connected to the region's growing bicycle network, cyclists may be unable to store their bikes, fix a flat tire, or freshen up once they reach their destination. H-GAC released End-of-Trip Facilities: A Planning Guide for the Houston-Galveston Region, which identifies different types of end-of-trip facilities public and private entities can provide to make it easier for visitors and employees to arrive by bike.

The guide is organized into three sections which address bicycle parking (Lock Up), bicycle repair (Tune Up), and changing facilities for cyclists (Clean Up). Case studies from our region and beyond demonstrate how companies are successfully making end-of-trip facilities available for their employees and visitors. 

Click HERE to download or contact Andrew Pompei at 832-681-2598 for a physical copy. 
Designing for Impact: Regional Guide to LID
Mock up of LID Guide cover
The Houston-Galveston region is forecasted to grow by more than 3.5 million people by 2040. This growth will be followed by more development, leading to more paved surfaces and infrastructure that will alter natural drainage patterns and impact stormwater quality.

Low Impact Development (LID) is an alternative method to land development that captures and disperses stormwater as close to its source as possible. LID techniques are proven to decrease development and infrastructure expenditures, reduce operations and maintenance costs, and enhance stormwater quality.

H-GAC is pleased to announce the release of Designing for Impact: Regional Guide to Low Impact Development. This guide explains how LID functions, its benefits, common LID best management practices, and ways to overcome obstacles to implementation. The guide also looks at case studies showcasing successful LID projects from around the region and considers five hypothetical site plans comparing costs and environmental impacts of LID and conventional design.

A digital copy of the guide can be found on our website. To request a printed copies, contact Mary Martha Gaiennie at 713-993-2468.
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