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Total Maximum Daily Loads and Implementation Plans

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Total Maximum Daily Loads and Implementation Plans


What is TMDL?

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is like a budget for pollution. The Clean Water Act and the EPA require that all states identify water bodies that do not meet, or are not expected to meet, applicable water quality standards for designated uses. These water bodies are listed and prioritized in order to schedule TMDL development. A TMDL study is a technical analysis that determines maximum loadings of a pollutant of concern that a water body can receive and still meet water quality standards and allocates this allowable loading to point and nonpoint pollutant sources in the watershed. Visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TMDL) website to learn more about TMDLs.

Get Involved! Participate in Specific TMDL Projects in the Region

H-GAC hosts open houses and public meetings to let people know about and participate in specific TMDL projects in the region. Local perspectives and involvement are a key part of any TMDL. More information on our regional projects can be found on the TCEQ Website.

The Bacteria Implementation Group: A plan to reduce bacteria  levels in waterways for 72 TMDLs in the Houston-Galveston Region, including Buffalo and Whiteoak Bayous, Clear Creek, waterways upstream of Lake Houston, and other bayous and streams in the Houston metro area.

Armand Bayou: A TMDL Project for Bacteria
Buffalo and Whiteoak Bayous: A TMDL Project for Bacteria
Clear Creek: A TMDL Project for Bacteria
Houston Metropolitan Area: A TMDL Project for Bacteria
Houston Ship Channel & Upper Galveston Bay: TMDL Projects for Dioxin and PCBs in Fish Tissue
Lake Houston: A TMDL Project for Bacteria
Upper Oyster Creek: A TMDL Project for Bacteria

More TMDL Projects in the Region

(These links will direct you to the TCEQ website)
Buffalo and Whiteoak Bayous: Bacteria
Clear Creek: Bacteria
Clear Creek: Chlordane
Clear Creek: Volatile Organic Compounds
Clear Creek Above Tidal: Total Dissolved Solids and Chloride
Dickinson Bayou:  Bacteria
Dickinson Bayou: Dissolved Oxygen
Gulf Coastal Waters:  Evaluating the Safety of Oyster Harvesting in 14 Bays
Houston Metropolitan Area: Bacteria
Houston Ship Channel: Dioxin & PCB
Houston Ship Channel: Nickel
Lake Houston: Bacteria
Upper Coast Oyster Waters: Bacteria
Upper Oyster Creek: Bacteria & Dissolved Oxygen

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