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Natural Resources Advisory Committee (NRAC)

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Natural Resources Advisory Committee (NRAC)


The NRAC is appointed by H-GAC's Board of Directors. The NRAC serves as a forum to review and advise public officials on policy issues affecting natural resources in the 13-county Houston-Galveston region. Its membership includes diverse representatives from local governments, natural resource management agencies, environmental organizations, and the private sector.

Please see the roster and bylaws for this 36-member committee:
NRAC Roster (PDF)
NRAC Bylaws (PDF) 


83rd Texas Legislature - Briefing Document for Natural Resources LegislationThis summary document is intended as a briefing on proposed legislation related to air, water, land use, governance of natural resources, parks and natural areas, and energy issues.  Please note, this document is intended as a summary of legislation and potential impacts, and are not intended to imply a stance or position on any bill. For all questions, contact Justin Bower at 713-499-6653.
Briefing Document for All Natural Resources Legislation -  5/28/13 (PDF)  

Meeting Information
Meetings are scheduled on the first Thursday of February, May, August, and November from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Meetings are held at the H-GAC offices in Conference Room A

Next Meeting:  Thursday, Feburary  6, 2014 *Please Note, this meeting will be held offsite at 1414 Wirt Road, the Trina Sosa Community Center.**

Past Meetings
November 7, 2013 Agenda (PDF) | Meeting Summary (pdf) | RESTORE Act Update Presentation (PDF)| Pharmaceuticals in Water Presentation (PDF)
August 1, 2013 Agenda (PDF) | Meeting Summary (PDF)| GBF Presentation (PDF)  | USF&WS Presentation  (PDF)|

May 2, 2013:
February 7, 2013:
November 1, 2012:
August 2, 2012:
May 3, 2012:
February 2, 2012:

Agenda (PDF)  | Meeting Summary (PDF) Jean Wright Presentation (PDF) |  Dr. Quigg Presentation (PDF)
Agenda (PDF) 33K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 245K
Agenda (PDF) 117K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 56K
Agenda (PDF) 116K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 61K | TCEQ Rulemaking Summary (PDF) 221K
Agenda (PDF) 38K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 123K
Agenda (PDF) 113K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 80K | Proposed Bylaw Changes (PDF) 202K

November 3, 2011 Agenda (PDF) 116K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 118K | Proposed Bylaws Revision (PDF) 210K
Parks Awards Application Summaries (PDF) 785K | Article - Drought’s Effect on Agriculture (PDF) 112K

August 4, 2011:

Agenda (PDF) 45K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 194K

May 5, 2011:

Agenda (PDF) 45K | Meeting Notice (PDF) 70K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 194K
Meeting Presentation (PDF) 838K

February 3, 2011:

Agenda (PDF) 76K | Meeting Notice (PDF) 53K | Meeting Summary (PDF) 195K
Bacteria Implementation Group (BIG) Presentation (PDF) 8.5M
OSSF Mapping Presentation (PDF) 2M | Sustainability Grant Document (PDF) 1M
San Jacinto Waste Pits Presentation (PDF) 2M

November 4, 2010:
August 5, 2010:
May 6, 2010:
February 4, 2010:
November 5, 2009:
August 6, 2009:
May 7, 2009:
February 5, 2009:

Agenda (PDF) 75K
Agenda (PDF) 65K
Agenda (PDF) 66K
Agenda (PDF) 67K
Agenda (PDF) 67K
Agenda (PDF) 158K
Agenda (PDF) 198K
Agenda (PDF) 207K

Meeting Notice (PDF) 53K
Meeting Notice (PDF) 52K
Meeting Notice (PDF) 53K
Meeting Notice (PDF) 53K
Meeting Notice (PDF) 93K
Meeting Notice (PDF) 157K
Meeting Notice (PDF) 288K
Meeting Notice (PDF) 148K

Meeting Summary (PDF) 292K
Meeting Summary (PDF) 231K
Meeting Summary (PDF) 325K
Meeting Summary (PDF) 277K
Meeting Summary 53K (PDF)
Meeting Summary (PDF) 212K
Meeting Summary (PDF) 153K
Meeting Summary (PDF) 330K

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