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Clean Waters Initiative


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Clean water is crucial to our region's environment, economy, and quality of life. Our Clean Waters Initiative (CWI) program offers workshops that help local governments, landowners, and citizens develop effective strategies to reduce pollution in our area waterways.

Topics for our 2014 CWI Workshops

  • April 22: MS4 Minimum Control Measures
  • May 7: Estuary Programs and Freshwater Inflows
  • July 17: Microbial Source Tracking
  • September 18: Water Quality Education and Outreach
  • October 15: Water Rights and Water Reuse
  • November 19: H-GAC Water Quality Case Studies

Past Workshops

H-GAC Water Quality Resources

Includes workshop on website user training and the Basin Summary Report

Waste Water Treatment Facilities and On-Site Sewage Facilities

Workshops on Electricity Use and Production through Wastewater, OSSFs, and Effluent Microbial Loading

Coastal Communities

Workshops geared towards Coastal Community needs such as 319 grants, Economic Development and OSSF repair/inspection/replacement.

Capacity Management and Operations Maintenance

Information about Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), Cease the Grease, and TCEQ small business assistance

MS4 Minimum Control Measures

H-GAC has hosted a series of workshop about the six minimum control measures for MS4s: construction site runoff, post-construction runoff, illicit discharge detection and emimination, good housekeeping, and industrial permits

Landscaping, Land Use, and Low Impact Development

Presentations about Yard Wise, Flood Control Landscaping, Compost and Green Roofs, Nutrients and Sediments in our waterways, and Low Impact Development for Developers

Stormwater and Watersheds

This category includes presentaitons about feral hogs and water quality, watershed modeling, urban stream ecology, and instream bacteria dynamics.

Education, Outreach, and Public Participation

Local initiatives such as Back the Bay, Clean Water Clear Choice, and Texas Stream Team

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