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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

What do we need to do to improve the region's economy? The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is our regional plan for economic development. The CEDS analyzes the regional economy, establishes regional economic goals and strategies, and outlines a plan of action. The GCEDD is examining which of the strategies and actions to prioritize for implementation in 2016, and we need your opinion.


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Greater Houston Partnership Regional Update

Jenny Phillips and Elizabeth Huff of the Greater Houston Partnership provided an update on the region's economic trends to the Gulf Coast Economic Development District (GCEDD) at the last quarterly meeting. The big takeaway from their presentation is that in spite of the collapse of oil prices, the overall long term trend indicates continued regional growth. The region should create jobs this year, but the outlook for 2016 remains less certain. The full presentation provides further insight on regional employment trends and economic development activity.


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Economic Development & Tourism Division of the Office of the Governor

The Economic Development Division of the Office of the Governor promotes and supports economic development in Texas. The division pursues business expansion and relocation prospects, with the goal of developing job creation and export opportunities for Texas. The primary goal of the division is to keep Texas the number one location to do business in the nation. Betty Russo, our regional representative, visited the GCEDD at the last quarterly meeting, and provided us with an update of Governor Greg Abbott's Economic Development Division's plans for the future. If you are interested in how the Governor's office can help you reach your economic goals, contact Betty.


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The Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County was especially hard hit by Hurricane Ike. Many businesses and residents were forced to abandon their community due to the destruction. With assistance from the Business Loan Fund, Jason and Andrea Kaptchinskie are helping to rebuild Bolivar with the opening of Hardheads, a Texas-style open-air icehouse offering simple menu items and entertainment options, including sand volleyball, horseshoes, and washers. With competitive terms and interest rates, the Business Loan Fund can help businesses in your community grow and thrive.

Regional Economic Trendstrends
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Regional Economic Indicators
The Gulf Coast Economic Development District is committed to providing you with the economic data you need to promote economic development in your jurisdiction. Workforce Solutions offers Labor Market Information for the region, including the following data: Economic & Employment Data, Gulf Coast Regional Data, Economic Profiles and Monthly/Quarterly Reports by County and Metropolitan Statistical Area, Regional Unemployment Rates, and Historic Employment Data.

If you would like to suggest other data to include in this report, please contact Joshua Owens at 832-681-2613.
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